How to enhance your customer communication with the Dialogue SMS for NetSuite App

Friday March 22, 2013

Using SMS to increase business performance and enhance customer communication is a brilliant idea, especially when it integrates easily with Dialogue SMS for NetSuite.

The SMS SuiteApp is a two-way text messaging application that is built on NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform and successfully works with the NetSuite product suite including the Accounting & ERP, CRM+ and Ecommerce software. NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform is the world's leading provider of cloud-based business management software and integrating with Dialogue’s SMS for NetSuite solution allows NetSuite users to send personalised and targeted text messages to mobile users across the globe simply and easily.

So here’s why you should use Dialogue SMS for NetSuite...

1. Tell customers about new products and company news – send out text messages to let customers know if something exciting is happening in the company or build up excitement around the launch of a new product, this will help drive sales and brand recognition.

2. Send outstanding invoices and payment reminders – integrate SMS with your existing NetSuite system, which manages all communications via one single channel, you can send text messages for payment reminders or invoice details to help reduce admin and postage costs, and avoid late payments.

3. Get customers involved with two-way SMS conversations – engage in two-way conversations to update customers on services, allow them to text in questions, or ask for their feedback either individually or by group message. Using the two-way SMS functionality customers can easily respond back to the text message they receive. The SMS reply forwarding feature allows you to collect the SMS replies to a central email address, allowing responses to be easily viewed or stored within the system.

4. Confirm orders & delivery status – send an SMS message to notify your customers when orders have been received and accepted or to confirm the delivery date or status of an order.

5. Use SMS for your marketing – reach out to your target market by personalising your message and make it significant for each individual campaign. By looking at the customer profiles you can personalise and target different customer segments that can help improve response rates. You can send out monthly or seasonal promotions to boost product sales, include promotional codes or even invite customers to enter a competition. The recipient can then enter by replying directly to the message via the two-way SMS functionality.

Dialogue SMS for NetSuite could be a valuable tool for your company, set up is quick and easy, so if you’re interested in finding out more visit:


Pinder Takhar - Dialogue



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