Migration from Dialogue SMS to Bullhorn SMS | 1st August 2014

Dear Dialogue SMS Customer,

As previously communicated by Bullhorn, starting from the 1st August 2014 Bullhorn will be taking over the SMS service from Dialogue.

How can you sign up for the Bullhorn SMS service?

If you are interested in using the Bullhorn SMS service then you can file a ticket with Bullhorn Support to notify your interest in signing up for the service. Bullhorn would have sent an email in early July 2014 as a reminder that Bullhorn SMS is available for sign-ups.

How will you be billed for Bullhorn SMS?

Bullhorn has informed us that your SMS service will be included in your monthly Bullhorn invoice. You will be billed based on your monthly usage. If you use less than 100 messages per month, you will be billed for the minimum amount of 100 SMS the following month.  If you use more than 100 SMS per month, you will be billed based on exact usage the following month.

Thanks & goodbye

We would just like to take this opportunity to say thank you everybody who has used our service over the years and it’s been great having you as a customer.

If you do have any further questions regarding Bullhorn SMS then please contact the support team.

Thanks & Goodbye,

The Dialogue Team